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1 0 0 0    V o i c e s 

1 9 9 3 - 1 9 9 4

* * *

I share these voices given to me

and revel in their power

I find these voices given to me

exist high in an iron tower

* * *


floating leaves, endless ripples

water causing an empty thought

fallen trees, furrowed trenches

earth surrounding what I've caught

fallow fields, private meadows

god held prisoner to what he's wrought

finding peace, garden treasures

the end to mysteries that I've fought

* * *

on wings

high above

the tiny specks

of life below

on wings

cutting through

the feathery wisps

of rolling vapor

on wings

voice of hunger

shrieks across

the painted desert

on wings

changing winds

making shifting patterns

of fearsome shadows

on wings

where solitude

becomes my reward

for living

on wings

* * *


as far back as one may go

to a liquid connected world of warmth

tendrils touching long lost memories

in a quiet invasion of inner solitude

slowly opening aperture of awareness

loosening the confines of darkness

first breath

ignites the fire of life

first thoughts

embrace time's start

first eyes

open into the layered fog

first words

declare the reason to exist

first steps

cross the river and go beyond

into this universe...

into your world

* * *

garden walk

enemies within, deep well of conflict

smooth flagstones to follow blindly

feather fronds protect silent thoughts

cascading dew forms jewels to rely on

tentative steps, three forward, one back

protective crouch, relive parting sorrow

then deep breath, full of moss and earth

leather leaves show the textures between moments

diagonal columns of sunlight march beyond view

lazy floating motes ignore intruders passage

timeless enchantment between spider's filaments

captured dancing nymphs entangled in deception

holding closely those prayers that save us

quiet struggle, then freedom's flight

* * *


light's boundaries

testing the limits of space

innumerable thoughts projecting beyond

noticed by searching beings

rebroadcast to their central place

collected, analyzed, and studied

found inconsequential and discarded

but providing a century of mirth

while waiting for their next discovery

the purpose of our lives...

* * *


the sacrifice

cold silence


blanketing darkness

legs fettered

arms akimbo

eyes uplifted

frozen terror

knives piercing

empty scream

melting pain

conscious falling

heavy thud

* * *

voices take so many forms

with these stories that must be told

voices that are always there

with the source uncountably old

voices provide the questions

when the answers are already known

voices are the soul's extension

a reward when the spirit has grown

* * *

quiet drifting

a door to find, a life to lead

with hazy motion and circular thoughts

without the key, what good this search

without your help, what good this effort

without your love, what good this life

* * *

darkness precedes the light

dry wind whispers before the rain

eclipsing shadows move overhead

unknown presence observes quietly

panoramas of life all around

individual experiences woven as cloth

cloaking tightly our innermost needs

for here is the essence of why we breathe

* * *

the sounds of water lapping

of time drifting slowly away

away from secure feelings

away from treasures held

away from comfort found

away from knowing you

* * *


Birth and Death

one is for laughing, one is for crying

one is for entering, one is for leaving

one is for learning, one is for forgetting

one is for quietness, one is for loudness

one is for finding, one is for losing

one is for beginning, one is for ending

one follows the other

but I know not which

* * *


reach deep, beyond the pale

soar high, and touch infinity

stretch from yesterday through tomorrow 

and implode into the nothingness

then as a flower, with far reaching petals

blossom inward, into the heart of god

* * *


count the leaves that fall and die today

for that counts your minutes remaining

count the clouds passing by today

for that counts your friends soon grieving

count the birds soaring high today

for that counts your demons unbidden

count the sun in the sky today

for that counts the lives you are given

* * *


seeds in a row

waiting for wind


seeds in a row

waiting for rain


seeds in a row

waiting for sun



seeds in a row

waiting to carry on

* * *

silent footsteps, golden glow

figure silhouetted against the light

intense streamers, fragmented refraction

knocks on your door when the time is right

thunderous bells, mountains calling

now quietly sleeping and shrouded in white

* * *


patterns of movement

the wind whistling change

this tormenting vagueness

where all is so strange

with the harmonious kinship’s

we try to arrange

* * *

January 1, 1994

pieces of a puzzle

scattered and hidden

no reassuring picture to follow

haphazardly assembled

where spaces show between the jigs

but it's the best I can do

in this short time

that I have

* * *


to know that time is given


takes it so quickly away

* * *

panes of glass

from far away

show ocean ripples

as they snake on sand

where the silent darkness

shimmers beyond tomorrow

forming radial blurs

of absolute symmetry

so soon to discover

that the projection of thoughts

ultimately causes

the evaporation of being

* * *

close your eyes

and see yourself

in between this flash

of darkness

close your eyes

and be yourself

shrug off this bitter

wind's caress

close your eyes

and free yourself

from this empty world

of excess

* * *

these three lines a triangle make

with two lines forever diverging

one line going nowhere

and a point to mark your spot

* * *


the wind blew

and the sky

falls into the night

in a world of no reason

naked figures march

through twisted desolation

melting into the far horizon

white hot embers

scorch the remnants

of final consciousness

abandoned orbs

of universal intelligence

litter the cruel landscape

with disdain

and the patchwork essence

of the deceivers

obscures from harmony

the bearer of my guilt

* * *


the immensity of inner conflict


beneath the fluted shell of apathy


an escape based on the ancient dreams


freedom from the ultimate blackness


to the place of answers

and live

in the spirit of all songs

* * *

if a door opens...

pass on through

if a path beckons...

follow it's trail


if a light shines...

absorb the power

if a friend calls...

* * *

There are mysteries

that remain beyond


this daily turmoil

* * *


small window view

from angel's secret playground

past silver wings and curling vapor

the towering presence of turbulent clouds

become sentinels from the deeper blue

now lonely soldiers passing by

deep landlocked dragon tears

reflect their silent passage

to viewers from afar

* * *



very short

deservedly ignored

life's ambition

final chapter


now over

the end

* * *

dying light

evening tremors

midnight spasms

morning cold

try to escape

this binding sadness

and fly above

these murky depths

to the end

the final mystery

in quiet repose

you now pass through

* * *


good night moon...

it's time

for me to go now

good night moon...

it's nice

to remember you when

good night moon...

it's hurts

for what I must do

good night moon...

it's dark

now your light is gone

good night moon...

it's cold

without you here

good night moon...

it's over

I belong to sadness

* * *

I am time


beyond all measure

I find

and after finding

I pass by

leaving behind

these delicate leaves


before the wind

* * *

the place I go

not far away

where quiet prevails

and darkness yields

with loving touches


that conquer all

are friends who guide me


through times of pain


for in our smiles

sharing a moments peace

I find what is lost

exists so near

* * *

p o n

1 9 9 3

copyright Patrick O'Neil

* * *