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A l t e r n a t e   V i s i o n s

2 0 0 0 – 2 0 0 1

* * *


Anima Twilight

there is a giant hole I stand over

its vapors enfold me in heat


trees tower over me

night falls around me

dusk still air I breathe

there is a spirit here

it holds, and waits for all

shadows claim the hillside

pine needles over moon glow

surrounded by natures sounds

colors fade away

an infinite sadness wells from below

never can you imagine

the inspiration felt

never can you see

just where I am 

* * *

iron is your brother

latticed against the dark night sky

sand is your sister

with footprints leading away

clay is your mother

as you mold to fit her form

silver is your father

lightning strike to your deepest heart

the forest is your family

never lost, never far

the ocean holds your future

undulating rhythms forever calling you

the sky is your friend

with open spaces floating forever

* * *


every day is a new path

some people have forgotten

but memories are not lost

joy is found in the intensity of friends

rewards are the sharing of thoughts

reviewing old emotions

bringing one back into the circle

* * *

time is just as precious

to the princess

and to the poet

the poet feels its passing and writes

the princess waits for a prince

but both are fairy tales

both sense the underlying darkness

* * *


sometimes I see what should be

sometimes selfishness intercedes

* * *

when you look back

what do you want to see?

what experiences

will be remembered?

what love will be longed for?

how is importance defined?

not for this moment

but in that instant flash

when your soul regains control

* * *


let us count some moments between us

a smile

a teasing word

a jestful name

this I can treasure quietly

because as you just said today

that is who I am

and how does one solve that mystery?

* * *

the answers are before you

you merely have to care

exposed to alternate visions

the ability to share

listening to the secrets

of my soul laid bare

* * *


seems the same

as yesterday

right now 

is a thousand

years past

I waited 

and now I know

that tomorrow never returns

* * *

the seed is there






galaxies future


wind drift the nurturing soil


gentle moisture


god giving light


slow awakening 


bright sunlight


darkness falling, feather light

words shaping, unknown fright

* * *

simple business, see the way

stars and oceans to a better day

infinite sorrow defines my dream

return to fragile with a quiet scream

inner beauty, beyond the core

gentle touch, I ask for more

eternal fire consumes the sky

quenched by tears, but never cry

hold forever, with love and pain

soon washed away, by silent rain 

* * *

walking through the forest pleasures

shafts of sunlight that show the way

stepping stones to cross cold waters

melting snows shows winter’s demise

hand to help o’er dangerous crevices

following hidden stars with ancient sight

* * *

friends that comfort in times of trouble

place to lie down at start of night

safe from darkness and its dominion

pray to gods for next day health

greet the sun with rest and willfulness

pick your path and walk toward life

* * *


there are times when the world spins around me

and blackness wells up to the light

when reciting old poems only confounds me

I never can quite get it right

* * *

the yin of the moment

meets the yang of the future

* * *

there are moments that I treasure

and moments that I share

for the many thoughts that fly by

make we wish that I was there

* * *


fingertips stroking downward

sensitive skin responding

breath caught in delicate reply

lips parted

fingers splayed against night

breast cusped in gentle hand

moist response

arching to reach the sky

perpetual aching

rhythmic motion

subsiding in your sigh

gentle holding

then infinite night

* * *


jagged reality

laugh with the devil

sold to the highest bidder

plunging from great heights

erupting from your grave

tearing out the throat of confinement

ripping through the shroud

then quiet

* * *


finding a smile

falling into molasses

stroking the lucky Buddha

walking in sunlight

finishing this life in style

* * *

if you could see where I see

if you could feel when I feel

if you could taste what I taste

if you could sense how I sense

if you could touch where I touch

if you could walk why I walk

if you could hurt like I hurt

if you could bleed as I bleed

would you be me?

* * *


We quietly glide away

with tears and unspoken good-byes

With pinpoint lights as our destiny

and peace as our final birthright

Leaving behind, those that can not understand

until they themselves join this silent symphony

It is not a time to cry 

for this is a celebration of change

The rewards are now eternal

and life’s chaos is but a fading memory

Time surrounds us with this experience

Always remembered...

Always returned to...

And beyond despair 

* * *

black time

the day has come

the mist settles over all

my song is frozen in ice and air

the lyrics have escaped

a shroud completely covers my world

blood flows to the earths center

* * *

innocents, kneeling in death, 

pray for salvation

spiral blackness 

tears out the heart of hope

with no one to finish this chronicle

the last day goes unnoticed

eternity becomes a moment

never experienced and unknown to all 

* * *

everybody has a story

everybody has a past

everybody has a future

everybody has a now

where are you...

right now?

* * *


tears of joy

emotional vision of the future

wisps of tenderness

show the way

one child of love

one child of the night

partners in thoughts and in needs

feel the beauty of a child's face

suckling motions

maternal grace

you fulfill your destiny

with the human race

you hold your progeny

and touch my face

we melt in harmony

but leave no trace



* * *

the quiet of the moment

deep stare into your eyes

falling into emptiness

reach out to touch the stars

sharing ultimate pleasure

based on love and trust

this moment becomes a lifetime

in this dream I’ll never have


* * *

a voice calls over the mountain...

follow me to morning’s light

one more day I give you...

escape from dark, cold fright

caress the many splendors...

never to return to this lonely night

* * *

a water world in days long past

yellow sun, caressing summer breeze

marble facades and ancient libraries

power tempered with strength

humanity at the pinnacle of fulfillment

Ashaii, a daughter of the ruling class

beyond beauty with fire-flashing eyes

believing in the depths of mankind’s commitment

known throughout the land

loved for gentleness and wit

sister to the quiet Mikel

veiled talents of mystery and white magic

connected minds and shared thoughts

entwined souls, spinning with the future

days of play and childhood now past

interconnected harmony and wonderment

acceptance of destiny


tenderness in a touch of hands

mutual respect from the same blood

happiness in a time of ample surrounding

the years smile down quietly

grayness gathers below the horizon

cancer spots blacken the setting sun

shadow across the land obscures hope

cold displaces heat

canopy of darkness

electrical discharge

deepest midnight

loss of color

comfort found

holding each other

facing the grinning skull

knowing the end of time

together now forever

beneath the silent, weeping waves

* * * 


the years passed by quite quickly

what was once a struggle is now not

darkness flows around the corner

slippery stone steps below

future disappears in smoke

rusty iron bands gouge flesh

bones exposed to filth

fumes escaping crevices

black chains pulling downward

knife pierces eye

and I cry out

the fog parts and you are there

touching all that binds me

a momentary glimpse of affection

then withers back to the nightmare of now

crippled hands claw and break on rock

leaving behind rotting flesh and decay

body disintegration

enema of fluids

vile stench remains

forever a prisoner

in this devils paradise

* * * 

I want to tell you all my secrets

you just have never asked 

* * * 

looking in the mirror

not knowing who I see

waves of despondency

sweeping over me 

reflections of eternity

to be forever free

* * *

there is a feeling that I reach for

a feeling that eludes all capture


* * *

p o n

2 0 0 1

copyright Patrick O'Neil

* * *