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C o r n e r   o f   m y   S o l i t u d e 

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* * * 

November 2, 2002


my corner

just for me

the shackles of time

and how I set them free

I relive the substance

of my life

I feel life’s breeze

how long it will last

is beyond what I see

each page is a person

the clues just for me

you can think what you want

this is what I see

* * * 

there is a way to search for help

it is found in solitude

it is a corner

it opens those doors and slides those windows

that gives these words

that talk to me 

then crumbles downward

and ceases to be 


away from yourself

feel the moment

you sit in solitude

and experience the old pain


the sharpness is gone

there is happiness now

found in the depths

of friends

and memories

* * * 

I think of you


so large

then that pin point

of being together

connection to…

a common place

tiny sparkles…

do you feel them

brushing touches…

do you like them

tender kiss…



then gone

with another good-bye

* * * 

feel the forest

free the trees

twining branches

on your knees

deadly soldiers

blood does freeze

whisper of darkness

run.. now seize

this moment

* * * 

freshness, firefly existence

potential, soul of many mirrors

beginnings, strength of convictions

hold close those thoughts

that show the way

In those moments of solitude

the light remains

you feel the pressure

of what you’ve become

the center of your life is found

in quiet reminders

of those colors

that remain

between the breath

and the exhale

there is single touch to be made


then peace

and the final answer

is now known

* * * 

jewel of thought

protect you

shield you

find you

ask you

tell you

remind you

show you

guide you

see you

become so much...

your tomorrow is so close

* * * 

past lives call out for you

pressure breaking the shell

softness, changing to hardness

this time, time will tell

opportunity is in within your reach

brown eyes hold secrets

soft lips give promise

hand caress says comfort

rest in the light of your god

* * * 

there is a paradise

found only by me

woven from the fragments

in the short times that we share

and in all of our contacts

and all of our words

is the feeling of love

and the existing of care

* * * 

you press me for answers

I give without pause

inner most thoughts

that are broken from diamonds

you brush by

fitting them to your moment

not knowing the cost

not knowing why I shared them

you miss what could be

and how

it might help you

* * * 

reach back

the thousand years

I’ve known you

unbroken line of peace

always able to make a connection

always able to touch your soul

I have never forgotten you

I just love you so

never give up on me

and keep holding me close

* * * 


the czar of my life

at a moment treasured in time

always caring

thoughts so sublime

I wish to be remembered

in the quiet of your heart

I held you so dearly

and then I…

couldn’t be 

the one you needed me to be

* * * 

you have long forgotten me

30 years have gone by

but promises made on hilltops

are remembered

I knew you so well


so much shared

hard touch

so much laughter

how in the world

could you stand me

but you laughed with me

and that endeared you to me

that is what

makes me

anything you want me to be

* * * 

you will be the last I see

in fading shadows

and those webs that scream

always that need

that need I feel

for you to know

that I know you

* * * 

you are the center

the center of me

and in tender moments

when each of us sees

the wonder of now 

and the power of tease

* * * 

I am incapable 

of showing you how much

I love you

my life is to make yours

but I don’t know 

if you know that

I want to think 

that you do

I have to think that you do

for even in my quietness

know that I am so proud

to be your father

so proud

to have a daughter 

like you

* * * 

if there ever was one more fun 

I have forgotten them

if there ever was one more full of love and life

I have missed them

If there ever was one that gave me all

and I hurt them

it was you

my weakness became your punishment

and you beat it

love you always

* * * 


small ceramic world

tiny living universe

careful pruning and twisting

the beginning of the end

fingertips brushing needles

becomes fingertips caressing soft skin

unable to separate the gift

from the giver

a bench for sharing

a lantern for showing the way 

now touching the rock

good luck flows outward

* * * 

secrets to be lost

friendship to be gained

words shouted into a burgundy sky

echo back and surround me

tightly wrapping my arms

and turns me to dust

floating to the ground

sparkles in sunlight

falling into caverns

and becoming rock again

waiting for discovery

waiting for this day

* * * 

the time for freedom has arrived

control creates destiny

you become who you are

you are the one source

of strength in your life

the time for escape has arrived

control dispels weakness

you become who you are

you are the one source

of happiness in your life

the time for honor has arrived

control creates power

you become who you are

you are the one source

of peacefulness in your life

* * * 

I hear bells when you speak

your smile always burns in my mind

long hair on sexy shoulders

makes me forget what I want to say

always a surprising comment

quick wit and bedroom eyes

I always enjoy our few moments

I wish that I could stay

I'm happy as your friend

sure I wish for more

but what is the most important

is the laughter that we share

* * * 

the world stops

a breath is pulled in

tiny windows closed shut

hands thrust into warmth

cold biting all around

tension released

visit to springtime

the world starts again

* * *

p o n

2 0 0 2 

copyright Patrick O'Neil

* * *