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t h e   F o u r t h   V o i c e

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what is near 


what is far 

simple words 

to ponder

an eternity of vibrations

from nothingness to extremes 

multi-point visions of motion 

pray to the voices within

effortless flight beckons

cycles of hunger and satiation

gradual cold, dark turning

sensation of transition

folded wings





long, far away


shrouded trees with snow

whispering sliver moon of darkness

ice prisoners point the way 

frozen crystals of breath

lost in the immense tundra

embracing those thoughts 

of sun and warmth

then falling into 



I wish 

I wish to scream 

but have no mouth 

I wish to see

but have no eyes

I wish to hear 

but have no ears

I wish feel

but have no hands

I wish to die

but have no life 



steam obscuring the moon 


dust drifting over dreams


fire consuming my world 


wind lifting my soul



shattered chain fragments

announce to the deceivers

to reckon with this new day