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F r a g m e n t a r y    V i s i o n s

1992 - 1993

 * * *

in an ancient time

trekked a forgotten tribe

isolated, in their own world


because existing was cruel to them


because that was all they knew

fair to observe, fierce to fight

they pillaged the earth they trod on


they wandered aimlessly

through the bearded forest

the slash of burnt offerings

marked their travel

they lived

but their eyes were empty

and the world

gray, surrounded them

they did not hear the call of beauty

they did not feel the joy of living

they did not know why they were there

nor did they care

the cold was biting one winter's day

the wind blew fierce, they lost their way

then night descended, the snow fell deep

the spirit of life was not theirs to keep

the empty sun rose to a world of white

only a few shrouded echoes

described their plight

winter cradled their earthly remains

and spring quickly erased

their journey of pains

 * * *

flat land, heavy land

landscape of another day

desolation citizens

in a struggle to survive

red sun, cold light

in a well that has gone dry

I raise and shake my dying fist

at a world I so despise

 * * *

when thoughts are held on to

and explored

they reveal the spirit within

when thoughts are shared

as gifts

they become alive with love

 * * *

softly crying, deadly silence

emanating darkness from below

looking forward, seeing nothing

just the puppets dancing slow

reaching upwards, touching coldness

stabbing ice in a jagged sore

stumbling backwards, on to daggers

blissful peace, my end to war

 * * *

whispers hiding

behind tomorrow

come forward to hear

what they have to say

soft, trembling words

from fog and unfocused

say embrace the river

be on your way

rushing rapids

no returning

the wind lifts up

your victory song

for given the strength

of a thousand suns

you embrace this life

where you belong

 * * *

immerse yourself

in the placid stream

and feel the power within

the many wonders of the world

become focused inside your dream

the answers to your questions

the ones that are never asked

are ripples in the continuum

now that we're finished

with the past

 * * *

doors and windows

show steps beyond

to worlds

that call for me

where the breeze whispers

enchanted thoughts

to trees

that bend to listen

see crescent slivers

of shimmering light


the meadow's dark curtain

feel the warmth

of many suns

as the purplish night

slowly withers

know that the truth

hidden in each of us

is awakening

to calm our fears

so find the sword

that cuts the knot

and fly beyond

the stars above

 * * *

images of imposing granite

touching history, becoming part

with eyes above and feet deeply rooted

in rock and in my wondrous world

I sense the textures of time and witness

the transforming of boulders into dust

go to where the wind and rain

fight the elemental battles

go to where nature's patience fills

desert washes with coarse sand

go to where you may embrace

your deepest, inner god

then touch yourself, with a smile

and feel the purple sunset shadows

as you are there, where granite crumbles

beneath the fingertips of time

 * * *

if I have made you happy

and have seen your inner soul

then I have finished

what I set forth

then I have paid the toll

 * * *

quietly passing, tremors of mine

blanketing silence, thick with remorse

deepest passion, memories lost

delicately balanced, precarious thought

 * * *

I see your smile from far away

I know that you are sleeping

I touch your dreams from far away

I know that you are keeping

the wonders of our gentle way

found in our quiet weeping

 * * *

I am

am found

found as

as one

one what

 * * *

I look into a deep, dark hole

and it looks back at me

I run the ocean's beaches

and swallow what I see

the wind plays with my melody

haunting, cruel and long

the waves toss it back at me

as they sing their victory song

 * * *

you touch on world harmony

you free the slaves of time

you gather forth the fruits of love

you are forever mine

 * * *

thunderous volleys

that cry for release

tortuous chasms

empty with grief

scattered by the wind

in a rhythm of hate

lay the deflated promises

of tomorrow

 * * *

I have finished

the call of the father

the one buried

in you and in me

not recognized

in its present form

not happy

till flying free

the answer

will always remain hidden

its purpose

the enigma of time

I place my heart

next to your soul of souls

I collapse

into death so fine

 * * *

black rock, moon glow

shadows that hide the way

smooth glass, falling star

off the path, we stray

 * * *

let me look inside your love

I wonder what I'll see

let me live inside your heart

for all eternity

 * * *


silver dancing

with the leaves

 * * *

shine a light

down a well

ripples on water

the story to tell

always looking up

at the sky

always yearning for

but never to try

 * * *

encircled by iron hands

shadows cast on empty spaces

illuminating pulsating sphere

retrograde descending orbit

pitiful blank walls of torture

hiding the stark landscape

from peering curious eyes

many eyes, thoughts of escape

knowledge of failure

where failure is death

but death is an escape

so we go, up

and over


to be free for a moment

is to live for a lifetime

 * * *

fading echoes of mine

shouted again and again

silent steps one by one

but never moving on

deep breath of desire

lost in the fire's motion

eyes searching all around

only finding icy glare

the music calls for forgiveness

someday my ears will hear

 * * *

a tree stands alone

in the storm

long ago

given up its green

tempered by wind

this warrior sings

of many battles

and victories seen

a lifeless husk

the strength of demons

holding on

through heat and cold

finally crashing down

with fingers pointing

at the gray churning sky

and the last story told

 * * *

no words may express

the images inside

no thoughts do justice

to feelings held in

no pen

no symbol

no gesture

completes the picture

as you do

touching the raw edge

of my existence

 * * *

small pebbles

eroded memories

of a larger world

ten thousand years

waiting on the path

held in my hands now

for many thousand more

colored striations speak

in the language of shadows

I go back to the liquid birth

in the fires of yesteryear

fulfilling their destiny

to be found only by me

back on the path now

awaiting my return

sense of eternity

and the solitary

peacefulness of


 * * *

Canyon Sunrise

morning sunlight shadows

on ragged ageless cliffs

evening moonlight shadow memories

escape into the clear morning air

fire dancing thoughts

of pictures crackling

now long gone

sounds are waking

the breeze is calling

to hear the morning's song

 * * *

it doesn't matter where you stop

to take that look around

for you will never understand

the quietness of time's sound

 * * *

and I cried

because of what is lost

within me

the colors

I have been chasing

are just beyond reach

almost touching

that feeble spark

of enlightenment

my tears fall

onto the sand

and share

with the world

more than I...

will ever know

 * * *

stop the discourse

and reach into

the limitless sky

as the shroud slips away

sunshine smiles

on the water

married with the breeze

across the valley

and skimming

the swaying treetops

I fly the beauty

of the morning's

sparkling presence

 * * *

a time of stillness

and starlight memories

the eternal quiet

of being alone

hands around

the quest for living

trajectory of thoughts

hear gradient laughter

then push through the darkness

be welcomed home

to arms that hold

with caressing thoughts

for one must be loved

to be

* * *

p o n

1 9 9 2 - 1 9 9 3

copyright Patrick O'Neil

* * *