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I n s p i r a t i o n

A p r i l   1 - 2 ,  1 9 9 9

* * *

there are answers

to every question


* * *

placed within a gentle fold

of lights and rushing stars

while held within the arm of god

we welcome this future’s caress

* * *

another story

based on thoughts

opened to those that hide

obscure to those that search

enigma of creation

worthwhileness of existing

endless road

infinite choices

always returning

to the way

of discovery


* * *


the door opens

peering in

turning around

hands outreaching

beauty found

breath let in

breath let out

and held

in the spiraling moments

that defines

this dream

* * *

You think

and live

You find

and worship

You love

and lose

* * * 

the beginning is the simplest

the end is the saddest

and in between, we share

* * *

secrets exposed in wonderous words

flash by

struggling with perfect expression

and then let go

* * *

I’ve called out

and await the answers

I’ve opened my thoughts

to an oblivious universe

I’ve screamed curses

at the indifferent horde

I’ve defiled

all that is sacred to you

I’ve cried

these countless tears


the rage subsides

but reason does not return

the yearning remains

for all that can not be expressed

for all that can not be found

but inspirations must exist

in tiny fragments to collect

in tiny fragments to piece together

in the friends that we keep and hold

in the friends that define our life

and the tears turn to joy

and joy to a radiant smile

and a smile becomes a universal answer

the smile that I give to you

* * *

only the epilogue remains

and that must write itself

 * * *

lulled into

final security

the grand finale

the premature expectation

of hope

a final burst

shattering time

flattening space

destroying equilibrium

but dearly holding on

to this flat line signal

out of control

spinning wildly

previous final chapter

requires explanation

random firing

complete breakdown

plummeting into darkness

demons escaping vileness

red swirls of confusion

rising gorge of revulsion

recognition of evil

final judgment

barely hearing fading bells

rippling across green meadows

the colors of life shine bright

beyond analysis

beyond conceiving

beyond belief

* * *

there is a pillar

high into the sky

made by thoughts

protected by dreams

and climbed by all

the search has ended

the light shines down

the truth remains unknown

but peace is held out

and accepted

* * *

I’ve tried to share

but only you can judge

this elusive understanding

the end should be explained

in words that comfort and appease

but that is not possible

so one must present private visions

plucked from free thought

the door will open wide

when one reaches out 

and touches the latch

all has been said

for now


* * *

I have brought you into me

the way I think and feel

Do I dare now let you out?

* * *


1 9 9 9

copyright Patrick O'Neil

* * *