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o f   t h e   M o o n   a n d   t h e   S t a r s


* * *

repeating patterns of glossy memories

of wings beating against a living membrane

where a narrow beam of connecting thoughts

takes you beyond the moon and the stars

* * *

count the miles of troubles now gone by

and empty shells surrounding circus pictures

where tension and grief pushes out tomorrow

see distant lands through the fire in your eyes

becoming dust that escapes between fingers

to mingle with the world below

* * *

boxes within boxes

leads to debts one must pay

ashes fallen ashes

covers all hope in a silent way

shadows marching shadows

leads the fallen into gray

crying endless crying

marks eternity for those who pray

* * *

the shutters slowly open

grimy windows cringe at the light

sickly hands part the curtains

dark shadows escape back into night

an eyeless face beckons you closer

pictures of scurrying shapes taking flight

the evil smell overwhelms your senses

be quick to rise and escape in fright

* * *

red waters churning beneath a colorless sky

brings forth these thoughts that are burning

a light that quenches

reflects past life's corners

and brings forward

these shadowy dreams

of what we fear

standing in the kaleidoscope

looking past the precipice

absorbed by soft fog

melting to the center

where god is so near

face the eternal puzzle

interlocking strands of confinement

riotous fusion of blazing suns

collapsing galaxy of sadness

I find myself in your last tear

* * *

a young girl sits

alone at a table

discovering that

she's inherited the world

leaving behind

the carefree child

she makes a vow

without even knowing

and sets in her life

a spark that continues

to expand and to grow

into the flame of today

* * *

p o n

1 9 9 3

copyright Patrick O'Neil

* * *