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Singular  Purpose

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There is a singular purpose

Known only to the inner you

What feels right… is

What feels wrong… is

As you search your life for fulfillment

You find that life is a playground

Full of surprises and pleasures

The day starts slowly

But lasts long

The sun does not set on your enthusiasm

It simmers through out the day in small doses

It follows you in all that you do

Absorbed by the people in contact with you

Small doubts linger momentarily

They are dealt with and discarded

The larger picture always prevails

There is a hunger that is always present

Gnawing, requiring more experiences,

More knowledge 

Never satiated

Always pursued

There is a quiet goodness

Sensed by all

Commented on and held onto

By your friends

There is a secret

Never visited

Barely acknowledged

But breathes softly in the deepest night

It is now benign and of no consequence

Face it and you will see

it will leave you

A life song remains to be found

One that will resonate you deeply

Shining light in corners never before explored

Never before known

Warmth is how it starts

Light is how it is found

Touch is how it ignites

Acceptance is how it burns

You are on the long road

the many stops are the fabric of why

and how you exist

The time that you share with fellow travelers

Morph into dearly held memories by them

There will be a moment of clarity at roads end

All your experiences will rush back

And in one last smile

You will sense the difference that you made

In the world and the people around you

Surrounded by their love

Your inner purpose is now realized

* * *

by pon 

Big Sur / Los Padres National Forest, 

Willow Creek Camp, 4/1/2008

for PJG

* * *