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T h e   L a s t   R e v e l a t i o n 

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my words and thoughts are less frequent now


the words that gave me hope


the thoughts that gave me freedom


but the blame lies within me


which only twists the blade


that much deeper


I see so much


and I do so little


the absence of touch


of sharing


of caring


circumscribes the vacuum


of my private hell


quicksand struggles


lung tightening confinement


tertiary blindness 


falling on knees


tears in mid air


frozen in time


face lifted upward


bathed in caustic light


impaled by pity


lost to all


found by none


last breath


and now gone




but more chapters remain


different endings exist


the struggle never ceases


like the tide


rhythmic ebbing


subtle sand patterns to interpret


discovering the good


found in caring friends


the ones who know


what to forgive...


the ones who know


what to treasure...


about me

* * *

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copyright Patrick O'Neil

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