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T h e   S k y   I   S e e    i n   m y   W o r l d

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* * * 


leaves fanning out

obscuring the blue

rapid degeneration

dust falling to earth

we explore the many corners

of the world we share

laughter bouncing off attitudes

smiles finding a home in our hearts

silver streaks to the stars

night dims the sky so pure

thoughts are tendrils that reach out

do you feel them?

I am only me

reflecting you

my sky, my beauty, my words

sharing to a new level

our challenge is to find the line

the line where we become one

* * * 



to the moon

ocean reflection

crashing sounds

that overwhelm

I am crushed

beneath the waves

of your attention

gasping for air

swallowing sand

intense light

understanding now

what has confused me

walking a straight line

to anywhere

where you might see me

the moment stretches

to infinity

and the counting commences


* * *

p o n

2 0 0 5

copyright Patrick O'Neil

* * *