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A   S m i l e   B e t w e e n   S o r r o w s 

1 9 9 6  -  1 9 9 8

* * * 

And for this moment 

I am you 

And for this moment 

You are me 

Entwined in my words 

Reaching for your thoughts 

I live again 

to breathe your soul 

* * * 

I will find the time to pray 

the time to say what must be said 

* * * 

I am 

a warrior 

these countless days 

I have brought honor to my master 

but now the sun sets dim 

blood red and feeble on his last day 

brocaded servants attend to him 

as I kneel in the cool garden darkness 

beyond the lanterns reach 

the night surrounds me as his passing from this life 

is announced by the soft sobbing of his wives 

grasping my sword 

and with quick thrusts 

I climb the moons silver staircase 

to serve my lord once more 

* * * 

Quietly waiting 

Expecting changes 

A new style in this 

ever shimmering mosaic of living 

Unexpected emotions prevent 

hiding in the wide open 

A view of life as a series of 

lines intersecting planes 

Perimeter realignment is required 

due to spiral inconsistencies 

I stand alone with many 

Still waiting 

Walking from high ground on ancients paths 

Answers obscuring answers 

Unseen forces cause atmospheric discontent 

White covering cold 

blankets a silent plea for forgiveness 

Polarization of memory 

indicates a fading of existence 

One final reptilian deception 

colors the last light 

Shallow circles of repentance 

repeat with terminal sameness 

All while waiting for this one last 

smile between sorrows 


* * * 

a word to describe deepest thoughts 

exists in you and me 

never to be said 

without being lost 

a prayer I shall never see 

* * * 

I speak again for all that is lost 

the words that are always present 

sunshine filtering through unanswered dreams 

I step forward to claim what is mine 

circular searches which never have found 

the piercing beauty of treasures once held 

and long travels through time will never complete 

I seek, but I never shall find 

thinking out loud the forbidden thoughts 

then hiding in remote mental caverns 

the healing light that will never shine 

I explain, but I never shall describe 

* * * 

gentle goodbyes are now complete 

the earth returns to spinning 

lingering touches burned in thought 

we knew there was no winning 

* * *

p o n

1 9 9 6

copyright Patrick O'Neil

* * *