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S p i r a l   E m b e r s 

2 0 0 2 

* * *

Gossamer wings over sunlight

Deep breath to fly away

* * *

surrounded by you

pushing out old sins

peering between the curtains

finding comfort

tentative touch of the same mind

fire racing

ashes drifting downward

feeling beauty

slow consummation

eye catches eye

molasses memories

returning to sanctuary

surrounded by you

3/14/2002 (cb)

* * *

there are fire thoughts to interpret

orange flames that consume all

the hourglass entices but mercy is not shown

time is the enemy

U R stronger than the Shadows

many questions but only one answer is offered

it touches the sky but not your heart

U seek, U touch, U feel, U R, U become, URself

careful with words for they can hurt

fingertips make their goodbye

gently on your cheek

finite contact


gone forever

* * *

hands touch

eyes touch

words touch

and then we parted

in that moment

the future stretches back

to you…

to me

a new force is felt

one that changes

washing away old walls

crisp definition

new strength

release of tension

letting go

then repression of feelings

finding and sharing respect

no more hiding

singing to the world

finding your true self

* * *

birth right

we stand between birth and death,

facing the future that is ours

touching the edge of other peoples lives,

and caressing those that we love

sometimes laughing,

sometimes crying,

sometimes hurting

but we go on...

with our birth right of hope,

and the will to experience

all that is ours

we make our painful goodbyes with tears

never to forget the ones that love us,

never to leave behind our heritage,

never to show our full feelings

time heals our wounds...

time allows us to live again…

in the comfort of our loved ones and friends

* * *

turning over to face the day

eyes open to see your love

warmth from within

fingers stroking your softness

lips touch lips in tenderness

hands touch hands in silence

giving yourself to passion

finding the lost feelings

roaring from deep inside

then sleep in the arms

of blissful sharing

as one more day

spent together

* * *

You are

A happy person

With an inner beauty that lights the world of your friends

Consumed by an unhappy situation 

Beyond your control

It now controls you

Seeds of misplaced shame burn inside you

Lava eruptions do not release the pain

Happiness and peace is your right

But your glow is now dimmed

You search for answers 

But the proper questions aren’t known

This problem swirls constantly as a veil above you

Diaphanous and silent misery

Swirling then draping over your tense body

Exercise releases the sweat but not the hurt

You hold it tightly, grasped, wound tighter and tighter

Till it explodes and shatters your fragile façade

You said that none of us are perfect

And that is so true

But we are not required to pay so dearly for the sins and weaknesses of others

You can help but we can’t always cure

Reach deep into your many years of sharing love

Find the strength to do what must be done

To find the right questions

To save all that is important to you

Your life, love and future is worth it 

These words can be your lifeline


* * *

the flower

childhood garden scents remembered

tradition in daily lessons

private voices, strong with future

obedience to age and wisdom

now a flower slowly opening

daily strength, quickly nurtured

warmth from the heart

given to all

lips move in slow motion

expressing concern and caring

exposing feelings from within

evaporating dragon tears

petals gently falling

in a wistful goodbye

colors fade away

* * *

treasuring that moment

the flame burns through

dropping down the well

lost time forever gone

bright penny, lucky day

retreating stars away

* * *

chimes for the future

drums from the past

mist holding water

life moving fast

moss bearded branches

into the fire cast

stones protecting secrets

find a love to last

* * *


I know something about you

I know your inner voice

I hear what it tells you

I feel what it feels

I touch where it touches

I am what it is

I am your voice

I am


* * *

standing there

words, awkward words

connected but afraid


thoughts in unison

but forbidden

innocent compromise

will suffice

for now

* * *

wide eyes

open mouth

tongue touch teeth

breathy whisper

long caress

silent moan

tongue deep

shivers on shivers

lost perception

moist immersion

soft surrender

melting boundaries

lose physical self

I touch you

and release your soul

* * *

think of me now and then

give me your secret smile…

a soft touch from nowhere 

says – I am here

a whirlwind

as I fly away

most memories fade

but one electric moment

stays with you to visit

when you 

think of me now and then

* * *

mutual overlapping needs

building not destroying

do not be so quick to bite

careful steps lead to fulfillment

discourse must be banished

with effort placed on maintaining harmony

when given space the roots can grow

emotional needs take time

but the feeling of independence remains

karma is circular

you will receive what you give

* * *

we talked about private things

that friends find the need to say

and nodding in agreement

we covered our common ground

then drifting to our secret needs

and the importance of our given time

all laid upon the table bare

our lives up to this point

these are the things that we live for

the focus is so well spent

but we both are missing something

the reminders are evident

I search your words for hidden meaning

in those thoughts that try to escape

I touch an outer layer of your life

and share a moments taste

* * *


the future is the edge you walk on

bright sunshine to your right

dreary darkness on the left

you try to balance but are pulled apart

by those on the left

by those on the right

look inside the people around you

feel their good and bad

choose the people around you

don't allow the ones that hide

then walk in the sunshine

with purposeful strides

while sharing your light

with your friends

pon for YFJ 10/3/2002

* * *

in the worlds above and below us...

are the gardens we glimpse in our dreams

refuge from all that's around us...

quiet paths leads to the unseen

beneath billowing clouds that protect us...

by deep water flowing in streams

is the love that completely surrounds us...

by this sun with its radiant beams

* * *

p o n

2 0 0 2

copyright Patrick O'Neil

* * *