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 T o u c h i n g   the   S u n

 1 9 9 3


 * * *

 black rock, moon glow

 shadows that hide the way

 smooth glass, falling star

 off the path we stray

 fading night, quiet steps

 embrace the break of day

 fools gold, lost prayers

 keep the demons at bay

 high cliffs, crowning clouds

 the words we try to say

 distant dreams, sad journey

 we touch the sun and pray


 * * *


 I struggle with these thoughts

 that place me far inside

 with windows all surrounding

 I barely touch those wispy figures

 as they parade their soul's music

 for me to interpret 


 * * *

 in the infinite silence

 between moments

 exists an eternity of answers

 to our one question


 * * *

 Glendyn's Song

 many years

 have passed the mark

 since I last sang

 this song

 many swords

 have crossed their blades

 many souls

 have suffered

 but my eyes grow weak

 and my beard grows long

 with peace

 now being offered

 so once more

 I tell this tale

 once more

 I ride this demon

 crouch down close

 to my fire

 for the cold

 sinks to your bones

 as the shackles of

 the evil eye

 turns back

 those bygone days


 Glendyn was my given name

 in that carnage so long ago

 now my spirit roams these darkened halls

 with the hearth now centuries cold

 and though my body is long since dust

 my story must be told

 we were the mighty brethren

 in long boats we did arrive

 we had our quest to fight and burn

 slaying all we found alive

 and as we marched across the land

 you heard our battle cry

 the winter's breath was our friend

 fierceness was our shield

 we fought until the death of all

 our honor would not yield

 and of the brothers in battle lost

 we burned upon the field 

 entire towns we left in ruins

 dying embers in the snow

 the gods required sacrifice

 our blood-thirst they did know

 and as we crossed the village gate

 our blades strained to taste our foe

 there was plunder that we gathered

 young lasses that we caught

 we kept them for our pleasures

 the rewards of battles fought

 and the goddess that we worshipped

 was the destruction that we wrought

 we raised our swords in victory

 our shields hung by our side

 for underfoot lay the broken bodies

 of the innocent that died

 and the blood that froze to mother-earth

 surely brought tears into her eyes


 now I've seen the tunnel's glimmer

 of this punishment forlorn

 I hear the children screaming

 as my soul is burned and torn

 and I await the eternal quiet

 of their forgiveness and their scorn

 the light is growing stronger

 my dust trembles beneath the stone

 their far off voices speak to me

 as the seeds of mercy sown

 and my misery hangs in tatters

 as gristle from the bone

 my peace is that much nearer

 the gods hear my anguished plea

 for I am the last brethren

 who still journeys this dark sea

 and with my endless song now over

 I am, forever free 


 * * *

 sad times that roll on by

 a smile that breaks the barrier

 a motion of hands

 disperse the vapor of despair

 eyes searching, above and out

 finding that essence

 embracing the ways of the past

 discovering lightness

 buried in thoughts

 multicolored confusion

 breathless escape

 sun-sparkling corridor

 central spire of fleeting hope

 pause in those quiet times


 * * *

 chains that have nothing to say

 the cell door swings empty

 windows barred against the light

 the walls drip silent and dark

 shadows delimit the space between time

 the lock thunders across forever

 alone now with the future

 the past swirls away

 and is gone 


 * * *

 there lives a spirit

 under an ancient moon

 that glides across a lake

 entering the woods

 finding a sleeping form

 for its soul to take

 like a silent breeze

 placing a cold hand

 you shudder yourself awake


 burning with fear

 and living the dream

 peace with your god you make

 * * *


 indian heart, hidden in shadows

 dappled sunlight through ancient trees

 soft sounds heard, keen the hunger

 black eyes searching the forest floor

 swift pursuit, quick the capture

 strong hands hold a quivering life

 stone knife falls, merciful silence

 crimson offering to the skies above

 loping run, return to family

 sharing strength while sharing love

 feel sun's warmth, cloud's give comfort

 as god smiles down on laughing children

 indian heart, return to beauty

 to hunt again under the vast blue sky



 * * *

 for I have spoken, spoken for this day

 and in your hands, the shapeless clay...

 formed by pressure

 you hold your life

 formed by thoughts

 you hold your future

 formed by heat

 you hold the past

 formed by tears

 you hold our sadness

 formed by love

 you hold me


 * * *


 I wish I knew the lives we lived

 to ease the pain in this one

 I wish I knew the words we said

 to now count the final tally

 I wish I knew the feelings we shared

 to complete this one last picture

 I wish I knew the way to touch you

 to stay in your heart forever


 * * *


 empty pages

 silent pen

 trudging alone

 along the path


 * * *

 p o n

 1 9 9 3

 copyright Patrick O'Neil

 * * *