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T o u c h i n g    t h e   W o r l d

1 9 7 5 - 1 9 7 7

* * *

to the future

I give my nothingness

to the nothingness

I give my life

* * *

so for you

with thoughts so pleasing

this one remembrance

may our lives have meaning

where the days are flowers

of meadows green

and nights

that sing of love we've seen

time is no concern to friends

be that truth that never ends

for Gail


embroidery for a Christmas card

* * *

into the blue

of morning stillness

and new sunshine

that greets night air


now a distant memory

with fear

a casualty of clouds parade

look to the distance

see purple heavens

look to the earth

at your feet

and all that life

that connects them

yours to marvel

yours to keep

* * *


scratches heal quickly

bruises fade away

words said without thinking

they're here to stay

* * *

brass worlds beckon

temptuous journeys

of hidden dreams

seen through windows

of wavery and imagining

first to strike

for adventure's glory

first to die

in an unknown story

* * *

with spiral demons

gliding past ancient towers

that support black skies

and grasping shadows

inhabit crannies

making flickering patterns of life

oh hear my sigh

arrangement of realities


to the provocation of silence

seeped in its past

torn from the future

I watch the glittering

jaggedness of now

* * *

of a blue flower singing

stop the feeling of your outside life

and pause

emptied of everything extraneous

rebuild with what I give to you now

take a barren world, one of sunlight and sand

silence the wind of my loneliness

by you saying those magic words

and from nothing it begins to form

a blue flower

embodied in it are undiscovered hopes

and never to be relinquished dreams

no pattern to follow

it begins an existence of changing

it learns to sing

shattering a blue world with its song

whispers that shout, shouts that roar

amplified into the final symphony

it sings of love

to know part of me is what I give

for even I don't know all of me

painting, 1976

* * *









* * *

 | Obscured | Journey of a narrow way | 

 | Constant shadows | Evil, dark | 

 | Goals no longer bright and untarnished | 

 | Tendril of a shiny ogre | 

 | It's suckers clasped to my body | 

 | Withholding progress | Feel defeat | 

 | Sleep away the strength of demons | 

 | Sleep away till angelic solitude | 

 | Sleep | Sleep away so eyes can focus | 

 | Awake, caress the diamonds of thought | 

 | Awake | Back to . . . | Back to . . . | 

 | Awake | 

* * *

metallic womb

octagonal in its gleaming

stainless protector

stainless hell

lost in spaces of one's creation

inescapable without the key

crawl into a state of solitude

turn inwards the eye that sees

speed of light

to journey's end

* * *

A sensation of

falling, while twisting

while screaming, while knowing

flash, streak of the past

multi-hued orgy

of the already finished

slower, eyes turned on themselves

in the agony of present panic

frozen . . .a future of . . .

* * *

all wayward beings come onto me

I'm shelter from cosmic trauma

this protection offered free

for under my care you'll be reborn

ready to fulfill any destiny

start life fresh, after being so worn

* * *

Endless Sunset and Alien Ways

Oh endless sunset and alien ways

remove us to those better days

recline on sands of thoughts remote

and of everyday problems take no note

for in you there's an unknown world

with colors and shapes all aswirl

so when you've known beauty's face

then you may live with grace

and with your mind always taste

but of your love, never waste

painting, Christine, 9/76

* * *

Bright Star

the shine of that to come

bright star of present time

lost by many, known by some

stands guard over that which is mine

open your eyes to behold purple

swim through surroundings of delight

always reach for special answers

believe in thoughts that you find right

ignore temptations of little value

follow your star to heaven's light

* * *

and the hand that reveals

the strength of one's self

in shining glory and jeweled ways

see bitter truth

feel judgment's day

known destiny's path

bask in those rays

painting, Bonnie, 8/76

* * *

The Wanderer

the wanderer goes where no one knows

it searches far and near

never meeting friend nor fighting foe

it has never known to fear

the wanderer can visit places

that man will never see

and as it leaves you'll find no traces

it was never meant to be

so in some eternal time unknown

as it ends its quest

the wanderer will itself put down

and forever be at rest

painting, Greg & Carla, 1976

* * *

fragments of the world divide

and man has found no place to hide

with fearful energy

the earth disintegrates

and humanity has ended

this reign of petty hates

in one second

the future becomes meaningless

in one second

leaves no man to confess

* * *

Song of My Freedom

walls may restrict in many ways

their confinement . . .

a temporary measure

I have the freedom of my mind

and following it . . .

a pleasure

to some I appear to lack some drive

for success is not my master

to put in chains

my colors and thoughts

surely would court disaster

I followed the wind

and the cliffs to the sea

I discovered the sun

and its requirements of me

in this undulating rhythm

of precarious thought

I might not taste heaven . . .

but I'll never be bought

to learn to explore

rather than hide

admit to those feelings

tearing inside

freedom eludes those

who passively wait

time will ignore you

the same with your fate

so upon hearing the staccato

of senseless pity and greed

I raise my defenses . . .

they will never take seed

and all of my treasures

and diamonds I own

are pure in my mind

this life is my home

I sing with the power

of an ocean's gale force

and dancing on stars gleam

I have discovered my source

* * *

I wished I possessed a magician's power

when I feel you sad

to weave you into harmony

and change your world from bad

to stroll those rolling hills again

a dream-thought that fills me glad

a sheltered pool to float fallen leaves

in a real world that we had

drink from that spring I toiled over

with its source so deep

taste the power of earth and rain

and its bounties that you'll reap

also drink those mornings

in thoughts that gently weep

and of all the thoughts of you I own

in one special place I keep

for Bonnie, 1977 (requested)

* * *

on an ocean's wind

across a dream strewn beach

the waves wash away

what I try to reach

and sand that clings

to all I know

this inner solitude

that is my foe

in flight above

one shimmering wave

are gulls that laugh

at what I gave

oh relentless beauty

of the ocean's way

in a winter's world

at the end of the day

* * *

fly to your place of being

crystal*gazer unseeing

entered your world unbeckoned

with this result unreckoned

so with one magic wave

here's a *look*

which I stole from a grave

I hereby present you this thought

in the manner you eagerly sought

* * *


listen to the chorus of my desert nightmare

shaped by my mind, I dare

experience colors, blood hues of pain

that subtly twist my life insane

view purple tendrils that pierce the haze

and confuse the distance with a devil's maze

then as the stillness prompts these raves

it plucks my daughter from her grave

inspect your soul to know your worth

and be witness to her fiery birth

painting, 9/76

* * *

A March Evening, Relaxing


the quiet fragrance of being alone

the reverberating echoes of silence

marooned in a time I don't condone

and humanity has turned to violence


if feelings were counted and balanced

and emotions were somehow kept score

with black marks for every misdeed or trespass

perhaps brotherhood would not be so poor


flying to heights in impossible dreams

exploring those inaccessible spaces

have discovered one light

see how it beams

and I follow its deeply etched traces


I sit surrounded with one thought

I stare into the future

so with this knowledge I've been taught

its time to change the picture

* * *

I hear chimes that invite the morning in

and birds that sing of the approaching day

as they fly to catch the sun

moisture glistens on the weaving green

the air speaks of breathless delight

I touch this world another day

and escape the barren chill of night

* * *

the world outside my window calls

the wind in the leaves shows the way

colors surround my person

thoughts waft on a breeze

my mind continues searching

it reaches out

and touches me

* * *

Lost Forest

in the purple shadows

of my lonely heart

I find twisting blue

in a world apart

the colors of solitude

are my shield

the secrets of this soul

I will not yield

those shadows beckon

the mist draws near

for the lost forest

I will always fear

(painting, Kerry & Kathy, 5/77

* * *

taste the brilliant burst

of these colors of sound

trace this jagged window

of a piercing scream

scattered and shattered lifebits

lay all around

torn and frayed edges

of a worn-out dream

the hope lies within

your heart and mind


to exhibit its strength

for your personal beauty

you will find

allows you to travel

life's length

* * *

a sky's red glory

with clouds adrift

black silhouettes

searching the vapors rift

eternally hidden

are their goals

dashed to fragments

on the unseen shoals

futile effort

some think waste

one chance for victory

of this I taste

painting, Searching, 5/77

* * *

World's End

ruins amidst

the divided mind

yellow torture

what truth you find

shadows of substance

dot the glare

Fire Figure . . .

it is for him I care

when rooted in

a world unkind

follow the star's way . . .

in your mind

painting, Kerry & Kathy, 5/77

* * *

for Fawn

my thoughts roam far. . . and touch our sharing

I open my mind to the reality of caring

as a candles flame fears not the dark

so memories of you have left their mark

I travel the patterns of remembered days

and relive the peacefulness of simpler ways

a golden aura surrounds my dreaming

is following the heart so misleading

I always desire that rarest jewel

and of life. . . have found it cruel

so if ever we love, be a moment or for years

you'll sense colors of joy. . . in my tears

* * *

p o n

1 9 7 5 - 1 9 7 7

copyright Patrick O'Neil

* * *