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o f    L i g h t    a n d    R e f l e c t i o n

1 9 9 2

* * *

as you sit in tranquil surroundings

meditate on one thought

as your world slowly stops spinning

consider what you've been taught

that pain is only fleeting

and that time cannot be caught

* * *

capture the wind

harness the wave

to experience

the essence of life

one must be brave

(from a drawing)


* * *

I looked for you

in the fire

and only found the flame

I looked for you

with the wind across the desert

and returned alone

I looked for you

in the willows that weep into the water

and they did not remember you

I looked for you

in the light of the night sky

and found only the blackness

I looked for you

in my soul

and now I can only wait 

* * *

April 28

I question all

but have answered none

and my sadness

has fallen victim to the dusk

with grays and blue

to the victor

the vastness is no longer

feared or ignored

why has the upward journey

failed to align my hopes and dreams

I often begged for guidance

but weakness shrouds my pleas

and when infinity's light found me

I was blinded , not saved

so my mind deliberates no more

and the spirit within me

must drift . . .

and cry . . .

alone . . .


* * *

rainbow colors marching

sky swiftly falling

on satin textures

that rule the earth

life sweetly singing

future brightly shining

on a lonely soul

who found his way 

* * *

Oh Beautiful Soul

flowing waters , feel their source

to this languid pool in a dream

where coolness reaches into your heart

and your hopes rise upwards like steam

looking up , see a circle of branches

gently reaching to entwine your core

looking down , the past reflecting

you float above and begin to soar

clouds beneath you , life ahead of you

a scintillating light guides the way

be absorbed , fall to its center

for within that peacefulness

you may stay 

* * *

in your evening thoughts

what is my name?

how does one return

to the time of first imagining

how does one explore

the space between god

how does one answer

the strident rhythm of existing

how does one reclaim

the evening thoughts that lead us on

. . . without being forever changed 

* * *

stars in the sky

look down on my form

the earth holds me

the winds cool me

the tides move me

I am . . .

I am . . .

the sands of your love

shaped and molded by your thoughts

marked by your footprints

then erased

forever changing

forever silent

forever yours

 * * *

The Circle Closes

I found you in the summer's rain

in a thousand tears

that reflects your pain

then collecting in a meadow's stream

these shared images

from a private dream

finally flowing to your mirrored soul

I searched within

to find my goal

I looked deep within your light to find

that love of life

gives peace of mind

and pain and sorrow have no place to stay

when we touch

our special way


* * *

thoughts in lazy flight

spiraling through clouds of hope

billowing sails on azure memories

and returning to the now

with you 

* * *

if I speak the answers clearly

and uncover your questions , too

if I travel to a place before time

and return with your jeweled stars

if I bow to your shimmering ocean's brightness

and embrace your consuming fire

if I fall to the earth's liquid center

and into your outstretched arms

would you catch me

would you hold me

would you help me through 

* * *

traces of your fingertips

lingering laughter and sparkling eyes

I surround your fragile presence with

my love that gently tries

to reach inside your inner self

and be a flower in disguise 

* * *

9:02 PST

the day is gray with solitude

the rain plays its song on the leaves

time stretches slowly around corners

allowing for thoughts to travel far

and talk to you


* * *

a stone has been planted

the world lays barren with waste

a thousand harvests forgotten

sweet memories of a taste

the world slowly withers

only twisted skeletons remain

for the stone covers all I know

mute testimony to the pain 

* * *

I lay my head

next to dreams unsaid

and sleep cradled

in the waters of life

where truth is found

and love abounds

I awaken

having said good-bye

for in that last kiss

I taste lasting bliss

and now know

that you are truly mine 

* * *

a short walk on a long pier

words , always words to say

gray eyes , I look deep within

cool breeze , and I try to warm you

touching , words are less important now

holding you , words mean nothing now

every fiber is aware of you

every texture

every pressure

every contact

is you

I am frozen

I am speechless

I am time that wants to stand still

and capture you 

* * *

if you could step inside my mind

would you marvel at what you see

* * *

I call on the spirits

of the crescent moon

that frolic on the

night's silver path

in the crash of surf

and heavy air

on the guardian rocks

with silent eddies

do they know

what I feel inside

do they know . . . the beauty

the beauty of loving you

* * *

you see me

I see you

different pictures

but I feel

that our thoughts

are the same 

* * *

the long shadows of silence

creep across the canyon floor

the jagged rock walls

reflect the last feeble light of day

the trees on creeks' edge

cast dark fingers

on the deepening sky

the air settles into stillness

and the world

becomes quiet

so quiet


waiting for you to announce

the night's hidden symphony

to begin 

* * *

Infinity's Tree

a leaf that falls

into a stream

begins a long journey to the sea

a leaf that falls

beneath a tree

feeds the forest floor

a leaf that falls

into my outstretched hand

is mine to hold forever 

* * *

the flute     

1 9 7 3

winsome notes upon a flute

wafting across a field of green

hues that only our ears can see

floating on the country air

gentle elf with magic fingers

drown the air with a tune 

* * *


with spinning fragments

waking to coolness

after the rain . . .

after the rain of my tears

I call out your name

for in the silence of my breathing

I feel your heart . . .

and shadows

that pass silently by

in the night

the mist mingles with my sadness

I touch those memories again

I am a soaring bird

in the company of stars

after the rain . . .

after the rain of my tears 

* * *

thoughts that visit briefly

give a mere moments pleasure

and then return to the black

* * *

the summer of my birth calls for me

I am allowed to see the before and after

before the seasons . . .

I stand for judgment

and after . . .

there is just the winding procession

where the road is a multitude of rocks

where the road is forever

and this life

which is the space between two rocks

provides the respite one needs

to hope 

* * *

hazy memories of lives gone past

quiet pools of solitude to hide in

fervent prayers for continued bliss

open arms that embrace the world

unknown faces that crowd a window

a baby's cry shatters the calm

gliding images that escape from blackness

the ocean continues in a silent way

all in my mind . . .

all in my mind . . .

all in my mind . . .


* * *

a light reflects

off a silent pool of green

and hides secretive denizens

just beyond reach

where in deep caverns of mystery

they spin their cocoons

endlessly wrapping

the fragile shell of this life

I give to you solace

from winter's pale gray

for in this fire's offering

that drifts on the sky

I show a hazy memory's window

into my soul

that slowly opens

to embrace you and die 

* * *

I walk slowly with the shadows

as they fall into the night

I heed their beckoning call

as I follow the precipitous path

I feel their gentle caress

as my mind explores colored canyons

I expand into the universe

and become as time with you 

* * *

I follow the receding fingers

of the tide as it returns to sea

shells and pebbles on the sand disappear

as they spiral their good-bye's

I hear the soft sound of the water's retreat

as the far horizon comes forward to absorb me

and then, left stranded within myself

I begin my vigil to wait for you

my image stretches to surround it all

for I am the feelings of past existing

released from the invisible fire

I brush the ocean's deepest crevice

and the mountain's craggy summit

with my fingertips

and I veil the moon with my wings

my reason for being

is seared on to my soul

by the endless sorrow of night

my reason for living

comes from my eternal quest

to escape the dark

in the great granite halls

I whirl among the alabaster statues

of the immortal gods

where the sounds of my passage

curse the lingering echoes of stillness

as I explore the vaporous rift

between your dreaming and awakening

I find . . . that you are love

so now knowing this

I escape the solitude

and quietly the tide comes in

to carry me

to home


* * *

gentle, gentle

wandering one


in a wooded dale

by a silent stream

with hands thrust deep

into decaying soil

living sunset memories

from a faded dream

find a seed protected

from the winter's cold

awaiting the warmth

of a distant spring

cupped in hand

sense its future

vining upwards

and the fruit it brings

living, dying

the great circle

wispy images

of souls long lost

judgment based

on your shared treasures

with life's rewards

traced in the frost 


touch with tender kiss

know that I am weeping

hiding sadness

from your eyes

touch with tender kiss

know that I am keeping

your crystalline light

deep inside

touch with tender kiss

know that I am sleeping

always . . . always

by your side



pinpoint light of understanding

melodic rhythm of days going by

have found a source of infinite value

hidden within your silent sigh 


Love is . . .

what colors the world

* * *

p o n

1 9 9 2

copyright Patrick O'Neil

* * *